• In my dreams I see the girl who I wanna be,
    And I can only wish that someday that girl will be me,
    To live life without a thought,
    And to live life to the full,
    To through cautions to the outside world,
    Oh, how I wish I was that girl,
    Instead of being scared,
    I wanna feel the wind through my hair,
    I wanna be able to face my fears,
    I don't wanna shed anymore tears,

    She's not afraid to be herself,
    Or she's not afraid to stand out,
    I wish that I was like her and be free,
    Cause she is essentially different to me,
    It would feel so good to be like her,
    And to have so many brilliant memories to treasure,
    Why can't I be the girl in my dreams?
    Cause there is a lot of things that I haven't seen,
    I really wanna be that girl,
    And have enough courage to face the world.