• I cant do this anymore
    But everything about you, i adore
    i cant be the one to send you back
    You once said 'perfection i lack'
    But in my eyes you are just that.
    I assure you my feeling are true,
    And i love you so much, i really do.
    But i would die if i lost you.
    My love wont change, this i know
    But i cant do this anymore ; you must go.
    You will love again i know you can.
    I'm still, and always will be 'your number one fan'
    I'd rather let you go than lose you that way
    You'll be safe and happy and able to stay
    Some things i cant ever explain
    My heart has never known such pain
    When you look back ill always be here
    And ill keep you in my heart, near and dear.
    She wakes up and wipes her eyes
    Sits up, starts thinking and continues to cry
    For it was a dream she wish not come true
    She never wants to let go of you.