• Have you ever tried to reach for something great

    But like your arms weren't long enough...(echo)


    Of course you know me, I'm killing it

    I'm back up on the stage by my pulpit

    The microphones there, but I don't need it

    And the concert's on air, you better believe it

    To me, nice is the definition of priceless

    And you don't understand how nice my rhymes is

    My rhymes is, classic, the synonym would be

    My rhymes are timeless, lyrically I'm far out beyond this

    My pupils still learning, I graduated early

    They're also still growing, I just sit back and stare

    Hey Junior, do you think what you're doing is fair

    It's already hard enough to make sure I care

    Mentally I'm inclined to say as I please

    No more giving you the birds and the bees

    But I'ma go far out as far as the seas

    I give ya'll to much, but I hate tease, cause

    Sometimes the beat catchy, it opens the setting

    You forget all the lyrics, or you didn't understand it

    Play the next track, alright this one is cool

    Blow out the single, the rest you just can it

    You show off's are pissing me off, I can't stand it

    What's the point of putting out classics

    If all you're going to do is throw it back out

    And what about music becoming you passion

    Rap is genre, not a celebrity fashion

    Rap is culture, go in the back and

    Retrieve what you once loss, it's not to late

    I got enough patience to sit here and wait

    Present me a style, something musically great

    Not an ordinary beat I will eventually hate

    Sometimes the worst will end up great

    You wouldn't have got far in your previous state

    But one thing's for sure, I have lyrically won

    Even though I've suffered critics from some

    I hope a change in the rap game will come

    Give me brighter days, but for now I'm done