• Wow, you're so grown up

    but cute all the same,

    remember how we used to flirt in class

    created our own little games.

    You made me smile

    I made you blush,

    we had it all good

    just as such.

    We fought at times

    but the feelings remained,

    I wonder if

    you still feel the same.

    The moment I first saw you,
    my heart skipped a beat.
    The second time I saw you,
    I know I was heading for a treat.
    People say its just puppy love,
    but I think there wrong because
    I know I can handle all the problems,
    if I just stay strong.
    Puppy love, oh puppy love,
    why did you have to stay?
    I knew we could last forever,
    but now he‘s gone for life.
    The problems overwhelmed me,
    I knew I was gonna fall,
    but then I remembered your face,
    and I knew I had to stand tall.
    I couldn‘t take it anymore,
    the pressure was just too deep,
    then I knew I had something,
    that wasn‘t mine to keep
    I stole his heart away,
    I tried to give it back,
    but he said if he took it,
    it would pierce him like a tack.
    I didn‘t know what to do,
    didn‘t know what to say,
    all I knew is that I broke his heart,
    and now hes falling apart.
    I tried to cheer him up,
    tried to make him laugh,
    but it didn‘t work on him,
    he said he only had one question and that was
    "puppy love, is that why you can‘t stay?"
    "Yes, its puppy love. I'm sorry" I say.
    We looked each other in the eye,
    and I knew I was gonna cry,
    I tried to hold it back
    but the tears came anyway.
    I wish I could just die.
    He pulled me in close
    and whispered in my ear
    "sometimes we just can‘t let go, and sometimes that‘s our greatest fear"
    and then we knew the time had come,
    the time to say good–bye,
    we both did it but with tears in our eyes.
    As I walk off I knew I had faced my fear,
    it wasn‘t all that bad.
    I knew I was suposed to be happy,
    but then why did I feel so sad?