• When a child must suffer
    Whom to call life reprieve
    Frenetic hysteria spouts
    Calamity foreshadowing

    Predicating a failed medicine
    Whence do the answers lie?

    Stifling the clamor to keen
    Perceiving for a shadow of doubt
    Hearing He, as the scorpion crawls
    I say, "God must be the desert."

    Open thine eyes to ethereal
    Solutions paved in oblivion
    Seeing He, as the crow caws
    I say, "God must be the sky."

    Radiate the touch, viscous
    Breadth to which skin angels cry
    Feeling He, as the shark dips
    I say, "God must be the Ocean."

    Pray not wither screaming
    Answers lie where forced

    Pat beggars shriek destiny
    The miracles are nature
    Forgiven not tribal blasphemy
    I say, "God, is nothing."