• Everything is not as it seems.

    The world seems round, the perfect sphere, but it’s not.
    Life seems perfect, like a dream, but it’s not.
    The planets seem to orbit in perfect circles, but they don’t.
    The universe seems like it will go on forever, but it won’t.
    That all things end is the only thing certain.

    It seems certain that the sun will rise every day, but it might not.
    It seems certain that the tides will go in and out every day, but they might not.
    The earth will spin on its axis forever, but in reality, it might stop.
    The world’s uncertainty is part of life.

    War is certain, it is human nature.
    Pain and suffering will occur, it will never end.
    These events, feelings, will transcend time.
    Only these things last forever.

    Summer seems like it lasts forever, but then a new school year begins.
    Classes seem slow, like suspended in time, but even they too end.
    Childhood seems long and infinite, but it’s like a flash of light in an infinite darkness.
    All things eventually fade away.

    The truth of life is that truth does not exist.
    They only exist in the eyes of the beholder.
    And as each transpires, that view is lost;
    For each person is unique and their complete view cannot be shared by anyone else.

    The way things seem, the way things are,
    They are two different things.
    Time is relative.
    So is forever.
    Either way, even time itself will lose its shape, for even it is relative.
    The only certainty is the end.
    Complete and utter darkness
    Not even despair, Just