• How mighty and strong the tan god of the wild is.
    His size alone strikes fear and jealousy around the animal kingdom.
    It feeds upon any creature that dares block his path to supremacy and kills them without question or remorse.
    He is admired by all the females of his kind in its youth.
    The fangs glisten in the sunlight as he looks down upon all.
    But alas, not everything will go well for this mighty beast of burden.
    Old age casts his gaze upon him ever so closely, waiting for the time to come.
    Sickness and weakness will overcome him.
    The young and bigger adversaries will lead him away from the group he loved.
    The group he dedicated every ounce of strength to protect.
    Reality will set in like a cold breeze, cutting his every deepest unmet desires
    And sadly, he'll die alone from those he loved and from those who loved him.