• Safe Haven

    Why is the night so safe for some
    But so frightening for us that we go numb

    We feel safer during the day
    But they prefer to stay at bay

    For them to come into the open is dangerous
    Because men in planes can be so treacherous

    They shoot with many kinds of gun
    They shoot at them while they run

    Howling in horrible agonizing pain
    Or pulling and biting at a chain

    The rest of the saddened pack howl mournfully the loss
    While the departed creature is scraped up like moss

    To Wolves the night and dark are a Safe Haven
    Dark protects them so life can take off like a raven

    The departed creature is taken away and kept
    While the rest of the pack stayed and wept

    The departed Wolf would love to stay
    But he has nothing left to say

    Safe Haven

    To the the Wolves that left the Safe Haven and didn't return. cry