• I lay in bed last night
    And stared at the sky
    A star shimmered
    And I thought of you.

    I thought that maybe
    You might be looking at the same star
    And thinking
    Of me.

    But all I can do is think
    Because you're so far away.
    How can I love you
    When I can't touch you?

    How can I hold you
    If I can't see you?
    How can I kiss you
    If you lips are a thousand miles away?

    It's hard to love
    Without you being here.
    How do I know
    When you think of me?

    I think about you
    I dream about you
    But I can't see you
    And I can't touch you.

    How do I know
    When you think of me?
    If you live in another state
    Or country?

    But as I stared at the sky
    The deep, silent sky
    I saw a star twinkle
    And I knew.