• I don’t know whether it’s better to love or die
    But what I see becomes dimmer.
    The burning sun becomes colder every day,
    Free my soul
    Free my soul.
    Phantom pains that surround the world.

    Silent angel feet come to free my soul
    From the material body holding me in bonds.
    More silent than pitter patter of rain on flowers
    Pitter patter
    Pitter patter
    They come ever more silently.
    Love is so complicated,
    Love is so simple.
    People try to understand it,
    People don’t bother experiencing it.

    It takes experience,
    It takes point-of-view,
    No ONE person can define it.
    It depends on you, it depends on them.

    Scientists look at the psyche behind it all,
    Middle-aged people go-with-the-flow.
    Rejected people say it’s over-rated.
    Teens are confused and don’t even know it.