• So.. Let.. Me.. Know.. What.. Is.. Going… On
    I know you feel the way I do tonight
    Our feelings are too strong
    I will not fight this feeling
    I’ve waited far too long
    Will you choose me
    Can I come with you
    On that trip to the place without
    The labels

    We arrive at 3p.m.
    No lines just like I imagined
    Solely me and Cadence
    Hop on the roller coaster
    Oh no my stomachs spinning
    I don’t think it was the coaster
    Tilt-a-Whirl and now we’re closer
    So close I can smell her hair
    That sweet smell like an angel
    Intoxicating my every breath

    Keep close to me
    I know I love you
    Wish this day would never end
    Without you beside me
    I need to see your face
    I wish Forever was so true
    So I could Spend this day with you

    Now in the haunted house
    She holds even tighter
    I think I'm falling all over again
    Her eyes, like diamonds
    Shining in that eerie light
    I thought that hypnotism was just a joke
    A log ride now we’re splashing
    Her skin glistens in the sun
    Time to buy a pretzel and a funnel cake
    We share every last bite
    Now the park is closing
    time for one last ride
    The tunnel of love or so the sign says
    We board the boat and then we’re off
    Teenage romance isn’t supposed to last
    I think ours will as long as we return
    To this place without labels
    Together again…