• exitment abounds i almost cant wait
    relax i dont want ur baby i already ate
    tho i do tend to jeneraly kill
    kill things that dont fight back
    i see this village what does it hold
    what shal i butcher them with fire or cold
    running from me sure youd think
    hes a pathological,blod thirsty maniac
    i kill kittend and puppies and bunnies
    i main todlers and teens and then more
    you see a wife i see a wido
    but what then
    cant you see
    id kill foooore
    i want to insinerate and decapitate
    i want to melt- want to melt some faces
    watchin the pesants ah what do they call it
    ah griev
    i suppose that being undead theres not much to life
    a soul is needed for loving feeling
    how does this not make me
    ah whats that word agean
    youve no were to hide no were to run your village will burn like the heart of the sun
    with infinant glee
    its going to be me that slaughters the world

    how can i glare into these eyes and then not
    stab them
    how can i stare at there loss and then not laugh
    id cut him in half then id graft his head back
    onto his shoulders for after id lop it id make a puppet
    on top of a staff
    i am a lord that is somtimes bored
    have some erges and need to fufill them
    after my mahem i simply dont
    whats that word agean
    the stench in the air the smell of the gore the carnage far grater than any war
    my legacy
    death becomes...me
    ill slaughter the