• I AM you! You were naive to think that you're the hero
    Of this self-deluded fairy tale. You only opposed me because
    Everyone else did the same. Do you really think that you did what
    You did for a noble purpose? Ha! You're just like me.
    You are me! You want the world at your feet just like your everyday
    Comic book villains. Just admit that you want me to stay!
    In essense, you're nothing without me!
    If I cease to be, then so will you!
    I am what gave you life, not your alter ego...not you!

    I AM you! I care about no one but myself!
    And I can do no wrong because these people trust me.
    They see my crimes as nothing more than mere mistakes.
    Even now, I killed and I've maimed. But they still applaud for me.
    This masquerade was to humor them. To give them what they want.
    I did it only because they worship me, obssess over me.
    Rooted for me as if I were the messiah.
    A "role model" for them and their soulless children.
    And these "people" are the ones you sacrificed your needs for.
    For the sake of their selfish needs.
    That's the hero. The real hero. The real you! Their man-made god.
    "It's only funny if it weren't so pathetic!"

    I AM you! The real you. I made you. I gave you what you needed
    To thrive. The costume. The mask. And beneath that, the synthetic muscle.
    The power to fly. The power of invulnerability
    And beneath that, a "soul." A conscience. A will to save and protect lives.
    Despite it all, you shunned me. You were not ashamed of me.
    You were ashamed of yourself. Created by a mere 90 lbs. weakling
    Out of some silly childhood dream he's been chasing for years.
    But now, that dream is in vain. You took away everything from me
    That you did not solely deserve. My family. My friends. My city. My people!
    I gave you everything! I gave you life. And I can take it away.
    You will die like a human. And you will, in time be forgotten like one!