• The desert vast and full of sorrow,
    Stretches on into tomorrow.
    In unending sands and unbroken trails,
    Across the miles of Earth he goes,
    And where he begins no man knows.

    You'd guess with sand so very wide
    That he has many things to hide,
    Yet beneath he is truly empty.
    He wants to love but cannot find
    Someone who will be truly kind.

    When you wish to walk away,
    The desert wishes you would stay,
    Fearing his solitude and pain.
    And if we listened to his cries,
    The truth would be before our eyes.

    Should we listen to those like the desert,
    Hate would be replaced by sympathy,
    And apathy replaced by empathy.
    Spreading the darkness merely brings pain,
    From which there is never gain.
    Do not seek to harm but to relieve,
    For what you give you will receive.