• A Wedding with Tolkien's Ring

    Far from the fires of Mordor,
    yet further from Valinor's lights,
    for two souls it was the night of nights
    An Elven boy and a human lass,
    Secretly held hands in Rohan's Edoras
    Clandestine they met, for their fathers hated [them]
    but togther they are, for thus is fated
    So with the Encircling Seas as witness above,
    No longer parted by blood, only together by love.
    A follower of Elros, and a descendant of Elrond
    Though mortal be one, both eternally fond,

    The One Ring in Hand, yet neither fell selfish,
    the fire in their hearts revealed the elvish
    with a kiss of love, the deed was done,
    in wedlock the two became one,
    the One Ring did they adorn,
    and both vanished from the world, escaping it's scorn.

    One Ring to Rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Right to bring them all,
    and in matrimony bind them