• I wish I could say this wasn't the end
    I won't forget who you are
    Good-byes are always the hardest
    I promise I won't be far.....

    I'll still in my mind
    See your face
    I just wish I could live without
    Your beautiful embrace

    The black fades to white
    But I don't want the light
    I grasp for the darkness; you
    But it seems I can't put up a fight

    Please remember me
    I know you'll be
    forever locked in my heart
    I hope you see

    Without you I'll be so lost
    I know what this means
    I'll always be there
    Although I can't be seen

    I just want you to believe
    That I'll love you forever
    I'll love the girl you fall for
    But inside you'll know my heart shall sever

    Heaven won't be heaven
    But I promise I'll get by
    Untii then I just want you to know
    I've never been so in love with any other guy

    Darling it seems it is time
    Everything fades, even you
    You tell me that you love me
    I love you too.........