• i'm the girl with no friends
    the one without enemies
    silent as can be sitting in the crowd
    looking up at the sky
    only talking when nessicary
    watching life go on
    and then one day it all changed
    and i finally spoke up and said
    if she has to go threw this i will
    stand by her becuz the only
    heartless one i see here
    is him i can see it in his eyes
    nothing nothing but lies
    i can see it in her eyes
    nothing but the truth
    and tears
    thats the day when i said
    some times not
    having friends nor enimies is
    a good thing so that when the
    right time comes your prepared
    for the impact the day
    i finally realized that he was
    right all along my heart
    has mended now and
    i will stand by you
    no one should have to
    face the pain that you have to
    your not alone and you never
    will be becuz your like my sister
    the one person that would listen
    the one that new my voice
    your my soul sister
    and i love you and i always will
    i will stand by you as you did for me