• A sunny summer hillside that's enjoyed the new spring rain,
    A single pill of aspirin, washing away my pain,
    A thousand fields of flowing rice, all growing in the plain,
    You matter more to me than every grain.

    A sip of ice-cold lemonade, the sweet and tangy taste,
    An elegant black rose that's stored within an ancient vase,
    A hundred years of knowledge, yet you put my in my place
    every time you smile with your beautiful face.

    I'd rather spend an evening with you sitting in my lap,
    staring at the skies above and hearing thunder clap,
    Watching all the fireworks exploding while we laugh,
    I stare into your eyes and know my whole's made with your half.

    Oh, hey-oh, watch the clouds come alive;
    Sitting in the hayfield while the mailman passes by.
    Your head is on my chest, my fingers running through your hair,
    Who needs another paradise when you are with me here?