• I haven't the slightest idea of what's happening around me
    Blinded by my master
    Looking for a way out that doesn't even exist
    I could take my own life, but I wouldn't take the pain
    My foster gaurdians take pride in eating away at my freedom
    Violence is not the answer, but peace is not an option
    It really doesn't matter since I'm not in-control of my life
    I don't like authority
    I can't stand emotion
    I'm allergic to niggas
    I'm shy to bitches
    I discriminate against my own reality like hypocritics
    And I'm quick to judge religion fanatics
    I want to be accepted by everyone I know
    I want them to feel my pain so they could understand my lies
    So that they can realize how hard it is to be real
    Either they're too naive, or I'm too damn optimistic
    Maybe my questions aren't worth asking since there are no real answers
    The affect of the curse that I've been fixed to live with has me wanting to leave this side for the other...


    ...Reminiscing about what used to be
    What was taken away from me
    The physical disconnection is unbearable to the point of extinction
    Spiritual instincts keep me from needing a life
    But I can't stop wanting
    Wanting to be able to dream again
    The cool summer breeze brushing against my solid skin
    To taste my cultural delicacies
    To never know exactly what's beyond my reach
    Having to make choices and meeting any surprises
    In this life, nothing is sudden
    I'm living in a plan that I know is near it's end
    But does that mean the end for me?
    Or am I destined to remain for as long as time remains?
    How can I finally be free, but be a soul without true happiness?
    I wish I could be the one to say that this side is more real than the other...