• Ahead I Stare into the distance
    My palm pressed against my arm
    With tiny beads of sweat across my forehead
    Though no people may tell the future
    You yourself will choose your own

    "Make it a good one,
    one worth living for"
    He said before I knew
    what was about to happen

    But remember no one may see the future
    I say,but fail to get the thought out of my mind
    I miss your voice, your touch, your eyes
    But no one in the universe could see it coming
    "Rise tall!" You say to me
    But with you gone from my side
    I feel as if I can not rise even a inch

    I miss your advice that always pulled me thru
    I miss your lips pressed against my cheek
    I miss your smile that always warmed my heart
    I miss you alone, I want you alone
    But there i stand staring into the distance
    Remembering no one can see the future
    No one could see it coming.