• Verse 1:
    Thanks for what you've done to me
    Showing me we're not meant to be
    All the tricks you've played
    all the lies keeping me affraid
    I don't know what to dowith you

    Don't wanna play these games
    just wish you stayed the same
    Don't wanna hear you're lies
    hate the feeling of these butterflies
    Don't know what happened to us
    Said you love me just 'cause?
    Now i understand how love feels
    and it sucks

    Verse 2:
    Right now, I'm so confused
    when you left, t was so bruised
    Now you wanna get back together
    even when you said you'd never.
    I don't know what to do with u


    C'mon sweetie, tell me the truth
    I know u liked kissing the girl in the kissing both
    C'mon sweetie, i seek the truth
    licking your lips afterwards was great proof
    If you only could be trusted...

    Chorus x2

    ooohhhh.... ohhhh... oh