• Feelings disappear,
    Crying out my tears.
    Closing my eyes only to find,
    You're always there.
    Opening my eyes I imagine you,
    Kissing me in your arms again.
    Searching through my big backyard,
    Hoping to find a place of peace.
    Listening to the birds chirping,
    The ground cracking under my feet,
    I start to wonder what went wrong.
    Was It because of that day where I confessed?
    Or the day were I comforted you?

    Was It all my fault even if I didnt know what I did?
    Was It me to blame for?
    Crying out my tears...
    Feelings for me disappear...
    Only to find out you're the one...
    Tear out my heart,
    The stone it's made out of starts to burn.
    Hoping to find water to put out the fire,
    I find your picture.
    Holding hands in the park,
    hoping it'd last forever.
    The fire keeps on burning,
    Dust crumbles from my heart.

    Was It me to blame?
    Was It me to be ashamed?
    You broke my heart in a single thrust,
    Putting genocide all over.
    Don't you love me?
    Do you hate me?
    As you poor the genocide I miss the tenderness,
    As the tenderness leaves...
    I miss your face.
    The picture of you turns to dust,
    Hoping I'd remember you...
    And remember the trust...