• Hi bugga, I just wanna wish you a goodnight,
    Before I fall asleep, and face the torments I fight,
    I was just laying on my bed,
    And smelled the smell I recently have wished for,
    And once more,
    My heart was lightened with love,
    And my mind raced, with the grace of a dove,

    I placed my head upon my pillow, and smelled where you were,
    And as I purr into the night, I dream of us swinging under a willow,
    Then the thought came into mind, of the third and newest find,
    Our baby girl Alana, I'm sure she'll swing just fine,

    I looked up to the Image you two have made for me,
    The fathers day gift, I'm so glad to be her daddy,
    I'll make sure you two are safe, guarded and secure,
    And make sure our lives are safe, from all of evil's lure.

    You two are my life, my happiness, my faith,
    You two are everything, I thought I let slip away,
    Thank god that you didn't, and were willing to say hi to me,
    Were excited and thrilled, that I was healthy and still be,
    And thank you bugga for letting me be,
    the father in her life that she will soon need,

    But I didn't make this poem based on my love for my daughter,
    Or even the love, to save my own mother.
    I made this to show,
    we fit like to and fro, we fit like come and go,
    I love you even more than a boat loves it's oar,
    I love you even more than a hunters loves his boar,
    I love even more, more, more, and more,
    Love takes over the level of the love for you before.

    I hope this poem,
    This verbal potion said through the night,
    Clears your memories and dreams and things,
    That run in, to give you fright,
    Cuz once the sun goes down, and the light turns to night,
    That willow turns to shadows, and images not so right,
    But my magic I create, is like a protective gate,
    It blocks out those images and memories, of past pain and past hate,
    I assure you in your dreams, I will never be late,
    I'm always there waiting for you, even when I'm awake.
    I love you Lindsay, and don't fear for what we don't know,
    Let's just take it easy, do our do, and take some things slow,
    Because I promise I'm not going to ever say the words, "I'll go".
    I never wanna ever leave you again when your screaming, "Bugga No"
    For the torments at night, and the majority of my fright,
    is the pain I've caused for you, and how you still turned to the light.
    And as I begin to cry here, while I Waller in pain,
    I live in regret, something I never wished to gain,
    I regret losing my job, my house, and disappearing,
    And I am so thankful that your heart, sounds just like you sing.

    So nice and so kind, without a bad thought in mind,
    You are an angel bugga, I no longer believe am I,
    So Ill take off my wings, and give you mine,
    And I'll become a fallen soldier, soul cleansed, I think it's time.
    I love you bugga take those wings and please fly,
    And don't turn back and never say by,
    because by falling, I didn't leave, I was always in your heart,
    and you always believed,
    And that's all I could think, while beaten and bleeding,
    All I wanted to hear then, was your voice, starting to sing,
    It wasn't there though, and I couldn't understand why,
    But instead of your singing, I just felt our hearts cry,
    I thought surely then, That I was gonna die,
    But my heart wouldn't give out, Until I saw you in my eye.
    Because I knew for a fact that we never said goodbye,
    And I knew for a fact, that my body isn't where my heart lies,
    So I took it, and got over it and came back to you,
    Before I got killed by a crazy, reckless fool.

    Your love fills me so high, I sometimes drool,
    I sometimes cry, and I sometimes can't cool,
    I hope you don't believe I am bad on top of a fool,
    Because bugga no matter what you do, I'll always protect you,
    Through and through, Alana too.

    This poem will grant the gift of night peace, the gate will be shut,
    if you read it and weep, Cuz your tears getting the words wet,
    Follow you to your sleep, protect you like a shield,
    from even death the reap, And inside your eyes,
    your tears will turn to mine, and burn any enemies,
    that surface from time to time,
    you are much loved, much cared for, and adored,
    Lindsay i love you, and thank you,
    For keeping open the door.

    -"The love in our hearts is connected to our personal network of loved ones,
    we can feel, sense, think, talk, and communicate with all who share the same love for us in return

    Zachary Thomas Mahoney