• When you ask me if I have any
    feelings for you anymore, I just
    want to break down and tell you
    the truth, I have so many.
    But I can't.

    I Know we belong together,
    but all you seem to do is doubt me.
    My life truely sucks without you.
    I guess I'll just have to move on.

    Easyer said than done.

    When you were asking me if I still
    wanted you, I thought about
    the times we had, and honestly
    wanted to tell you how much I want
    you back.
    But I couldn't.

    When you hugged me to try and get
    me to change my mind, all I wanted
    was for time to freeze so I could hold
    you forever in my arms.

    Most of the time now I wish I never
    broke up with you,
    but when I saw you with her walking and
    joking when you said you hated her,
    it felt like someone had wripped my heart
    out of my chest and smashed it on the cold,
    hard ground.

    I guess its right what people say,
    Love hurts.

    If you were with me this moment, I would
    tell you the truth about how much I need you,
    how much you mean to me,
    how you make me feel when im with you,
    and how much I Love You.