• Has my name ever crossed your thoughts once?
    Well what a shame.
    For your name is the sole inhabitant of my mind
    Never once have I felt as though I would give my life to anyone
    But from the very beginning I was ready to take the bloody dagger from your hands
    And end my own life
    If not to rid my heart of the excruciating pain it feels when I am not with you
    Then to spill my own blood for you to show my unearthly devotion to you
    As the grounds turn a gruesome crimson you shed not a tear for the lose of me,
    A lowly admirer residing in the shadows as I watched you hoping in vain
    That you too could love me the way I have come to love you
    My body deteriorates slowly into a love-stricken mess; however I have no regrets
    I shall never regret the way you sent me to my untimely demise in the name of love
    For in my short time of knowing you I am pleased to say that the captivation I felt for you
    Only increased with each passing day if not each passing moment