• a girl.
    and kind.
    he mind races with fear.
    the children coming more and more near.
    she runs acrost the field of lush green grass.
    the smell of dusty rian gives her a rush.
    she hits the ground hard.
    only a cut with the shard of a pebble inside.
    she gets up and run
    and runs
    faster and faster
    the grey fence leading outside the school hits her as she was looking back.
    she falls to the ground hoplessly knowing that they are to close for her to run.
    she looks up as students see her sitting sorrowly on the muddy ground then they look away as they run past.

    the kids near anoff to kick her start pulling her hair and trowing weeds and rocks at her.
    she covers her head to defend herself.
    teachers watch but dont help.
    the three kids walk leaving her with bruses and cuts.

    people tell me.
    how could i live like that...
    when i was only a child
    i was the age of five.
    i was shy and odd they said.
    i perferd myself to have no friends at that age. now. im older.
    keeping that memorie inside.
    would you help me?
    or just leave me there as i sat there before it began to rain.
    many worse things happend latter in my life.
    but this one was one i will remember.