• look look

    i use 2 love her f it i still do love neva die but it can kill u named girl dajia she waz fine as a wine glass she liked me ,but then tim
    passed. she liked this dude name andre then i hated ttaat b***h sence tat one day. but now i gotta move oon but wat all we had waz all gone.i guess im gona stay bye meself i dont kno i ddont lik noone else..i call i ask dose she wanna tak she said i dont want 2 i waz think wat should i do then i said bye then hung up the phone the she waz all gone this is the reason im writen this song

    But its ok ok ok ok ok ok

    By DEZ or King Shortty idc wat u say about it so i hope its good thing

    And dajia if u happen to read this i still love u till this day

    im only 11 thought neutral
    BYE pece