• I’m on the run again from this life that I lead
    leaving everything behind taking nothing with me
    flying high on the wings of my dreams
    never letting down on that promise we made

    going back the way I came
    going back to were I was
    going back to what I had

    waiting to see if you’ll be there waiting for me
    wishing we were together again
    wishing for the same old thing we thought we had back then
    wishing you were here to tell me everything is gonna be alright

    I’m on the run from the shadow of this world
    with only the red lights on my tale
    I'm all alone on this open road
    dreaming of you is all that I do now

    It's been so long since my heart has slept through the night
    here I lay on the cold ground as the sounds of the world fade away
    I see you once more dancing like you always had before
    I say good bye to this world
    soon I'll dance with you in an eternal Spring