• Cut's of pain,
    Cut's of sorrow.

    From these cut's flows
    my pain in the color
    of deep red.

    As the red liquid flows
    from my veins and down
    my arms, along with it
    flows my sorrow.

    As soon as the flow
    stops, so dose my pain,
    but only for a short while.

    For as soon as it has
    vanished, it all rushes
    back, battering me with
    emotions of my pain and

    When will it cease?
    When will this nightmare

    When will I be able to
    face the world without
    this pain and sorrow?

    Where will the day
    come when the red
    liquid shall not flow
    from veins no more?

    Cut's of pain,
    Cut's of sorrow.

    The cut's that shall
    end my life forever.

    By: Sarah L. Kurr