• I see him.
    He walks the earth alone.
    Does he see me?
    Does he notice I am spying on him?

    Can he smell my blood that runs clearly through my veins?
    Is he thirsty yet?
    Why does he not care?
    Does his kind feel at all?
    Or does he just have no interest in me?

    I want to live forever such as he.
    The living dead, with teeth that can cut through anything!
    I want to taste what he tastes!
    Is that what I starve for?!

    To be immortal?
    Or not to be immortal?
    I hate to think I will die someday.
    Of old age no less!

    I will…No I must!
    I must ask him a favor!
    But will he listen to a mere human?
    Take orders from a weakling such as I?

    Even if the bite hurts me so!
    Even if I will feel burning for a while.
    Please! Don’t kill me!

    I want to be a vampire!