• Iam watching you as if you were a movie,
    Wondering how you are going to react

    You treat me like Iam just another person
    Only this time
    I screwed all that up

    You yell and you shout
    You never treat me the same
    Iam all alone
    And you don't care

    The tears that Iam sheding are secret
    And hidden

    Only this time
    You see the droplets soaking the smile
    Turning it to a frown

    You don't react to the simplest
    You are more complex than that

    Now I turn and run
    You chase after me calling my name
    The heart beats as if Iam gonna die

    Racing and thudding against my ribs
    Waiting to burst

    When I fall
    Your arms is what catches me
    And holds me close
    Close enough to hear your heart racing the same pace

    I cringe waiting for the coming beating
    But instead of a kick, a slap, a hit
    I get a kiss

    A fresh remorse of tears
    Fall upon me

    And for once
    I see to it that you really do love me
    For once
    Iam not afraid