• Life with your family, once so happy

    Now your left behind, everything is crappy

    You feel lost, and so afraid,

    but the kindness you've shown us, will not go unpaid

    Its only a tough spot in your life

    and no matter how much misery and strife

    You may think it'll never end

    You may wonder how you so horribly sinned

    to deserve such trauma, and such a hard time

    It isn't your fault, so I will dedicate a little chime

    No matter how tough

    even if things get really rough

    rain sleet or shine

    we'll be fine

    So long as we have each other

    And I know it will be hard to forget your own mother

    But we all love you

    just know that's true

    We love you so much

    It hurts us and with such

    We are pained to see you go through this

    and we hope and pray for your happiness and bliss

    separate we are lonely

    but together, we only

    have to look into the future, the road ahead

    for now, don't worry your pretty little head

    We have each other, that's all we need

    Together forever, our best friends' creed.