• (The author begins.)

    Compare Past Israel To Modern Day America.
    Summary = The West compared to Eastern World Intertwined

    1 - Disheartened and broken America, You are western and not the Eastern Jerusalem, The Home of Elohim's Heart to I. Neglect not the life you grow. The proclamation of a nation in flame. The mockery of freedom's name. How more righteous and more civil you were lawless a land. This land is not my home in years I grew; though stranded on a rock I be. Thou clairvoyance of the faith brings peace to thine ring. I curse the scum of choice whose mockery stuck up for voice and made a fool of its rule - the rebels who destroyed and made a people some portion to rejoice.

    Compare the situations of belief and failures to seek righteousness.

    2 - The altercation of belief, how society fell so deep, historian and theological rot, politicians make fuel and in eyes fires hot. I understood the deepness of what was lost, yet at what a cost? My laziness to be so bow the knee at thine core and heaven sought. I speak a solemn claim how the church is asleep. The world curse so deep, nation repeat, and they stumble at ego's feet.

    Compare The failure of leadership.

    3 - The people of disaster or cure did not want life to endure and interpreted, so what they did was stick and betray, and made the world prostrate gay. The surveillance at the bend, was around the back end, so what the law and life bound to exile was repeat a new censor yet again. Not purity but being sacrificial of each sin and vice to pretend. Not to witness or bend of its actions not to defend.

    Compare the insight of Mind to Technology

    4 - Define to me the light who was my insight, yet poetry can cut deep in a part, around the world that rubbish heap. The world rubbish or much assert the ground? The root to up-heave they sow and reap again and restore the wrong anew. They blame the law and compare a house as one morale of life sunk low to in head of thought and collection a hardware screw.

    Compare the false teachers and their intentions to that of problems with bio-tendencies of uncontrolled tactical fields.

    5 - They started off with God, who in bounds is a seed, to plant the ground uphold the keep, and not to be a harvested sheep. Manipulate the core your unrighteous holy names. I assert to them through works and deed and yet to life betray ye their needs. Disheartened and people slain, by sickness man caused and vain, so celebrate your disarray you people or scum sick of plagues.

    Compare what is your heart, mine, and something you dis-acknowledge or acknowledge.

    6 - You people are not my heart, a place I need to restart. Would I know of whom? Renew the mind, work again, and see to them not empty but sane. Close to them the history past, of life that betray and hide integrity that not in truth before it to more last.

    Compare the want for power or defense or security and freedom.

    7 - Serving a God or not, a rod I would have sought, strike me once with your law in lack and beware many and self will fight back. They have forgotten their respect and thought on proofs to reason clear. God would not need to be proven near or here. They see his defenders as glory gained but what treasure when meaningless is both mortality to heaven or hell's ring?

    8 - I see it a weakness, yet vice mighty are upheld by weak. The weaker the strong and much more seek the meek. Innocent are they and not the teacher insane, the youth at peril in crucial blow, a failure of memory and generations flow. I knew a historical council, who in vitality stuck out for ye foundation law, O outcast thou wicked bane and you drive purity wrong in flame. People in rot believe you sought. Yet you only fought, for clarity ring and theological up-bring, how the council of law of law rule in by one over three. To hectic the life and antagonistic to practitioner and teachers be agnostic of law, peace, and sanity.

    9 - On the land afar in eastern sand, I curse abroad the people who made piece of a land and scar-ed the people free. I remember your grudge towards what others in government had a part and sought against own, and I will demand payment for their strains to something rain. Their commitment claims emergency, yet that number change; I remember while young. Is the world which has no honor yet you let them be. The technical world which so desired once grown, you are not a desert to me. You had a life of native free and not just racial claim.

    10 - For they the lead sought the need to run on falseness and olden issues of unity. The elder man who made the younger look like fools and quite the others filled with iniquity. The unions would act as rebels and the fools not teach. Oppression(s) are on the hearts of them each.

    11 - For my settlement shall settle my soul and the Lord left his home like many in hell. There is not enough life to pass the time so honest would they tell? Who was the one of history to blame and cast upon a name? Defenders of the desert sand, how it wish I could blow.

    For they attacked my land with many more and illegals in modern up-heave and make a show. Are you a crook or sovereign gale, prepared for your test? Be at your best and know my words not mine, but what life bestow of its healing rest.

    12 - The elder to be a hypocrite and the perversion of modern idols, O, what claim for glory not thine trials. They knowing more than I through torment or vitality, keep their truths not clear. For all the stupid and unsettle can think of is new wine and look for a sign. They bash the faith that you had proven more yet hatred to age outgrew. So now that you are nothing more than noble piece or shrew.

    13 - Insecure the twine of the righteous and libertine. As much as many be construed of nature witness sight. Back when they once knew light and dark it was not a fight. Existence beckons the call of insight.

    14 - The others fled to you in humanity of dictators' noble decree.and conquering past. Ruins of people or vanity would a defensive name worthy last? Wars preventable of its cause, where to heck is your reason valid? O history in sanity?

    15 - A first to twentieth second century principle - conquer those of betrayal who want malice. Foundation and growing stone as boulders lush as moss afar to many lands are devil palace yet Lord shall banish. Architectural ruins and God's heartfelt of more than I observe and slumber and walls without and within.

    16 - Ancient and Modern work together as two birds of a feather, revitalizing their meaning a glow. And much ever flow. A time of change, an unpredictable range. Each have their life and others can agree to disagree with sanity as much as they choose to accept or deny with changed meaning, and to act upon. Foundation rest, as well as much partake to that of relations as sweet as... well... lets just keep this appropriate for ages younger.

    17 - For they choose of self or greater, the work of humanity to partake what life could not forsake rather than observer to witness shine or decline in social atmospheric increase not vain. For the worker knows their effort will compared to rupture and corruption still.
    Elect of elect, is greater the representation, and more of its civil minor part to make the greater whole and totality in reason to actuality with truth to keep and serve non-boisterous.

    18 - The cost is greater than I could owe or repay. So I say by that in life's ocean or bay, the life is not meant to stay, but be preserved among the people true, compassionate and, just.