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    A Long Time a Go I Used To Believe In Love
    But When He Left, My Heart Broke & I Fell Apart

    After All These Years Since That Day
    My Belief Has Barely Changed
    I Started To Sew My Heart Together
    But I'm Running Out Of Thread

    He's Not Part Of Me Or My Life
    I'm Not Scared Of Him Any More

    I Ran Into Him & Wished Life Wasn't So
    The Rain Ran Down My Face And I Remembered
    All The Things My Mother Taught Me
    I'm Brave Now & Ready To Let Go

    A Long Time A Go I Lost My Belief Of Love
    But Now I Can't Hold Back These Feelings

    You Made Me Believe In Myself
    You Held Me Tight When Things Got Rough
    You Always Know What To Say
    Your All I Want And Need

    I Just Want You To Promise Me One Thing
    When You Say "I Love You" Mean It