• Winter is cold,
    snow is white,
    even the old
    still has frights (fear).

    By the only one, who can legally intrude,
    stare hopefully he shows up, but not in the nude. stare
    He enters through the chimney, down, down he goes,
    ninja hopefully in silence, so nobody knows. ninja

    He goes to the tree to drop off some gifts,
    so he picks up his bag that can be a heavy lift.
    exclaim As he progressed, he heard a noise, exclaim
    eek eek he saw two figures, two little boys. eek eek

    mrgreen mrgreen As the two little boys started to applause, mrgreen mrgreen
    blaugh blaugh and about to say "Look! It's Santa Clause!" blaugh blaugh
    eek Santa came over to quite the boys down, eek
    cry cry and on the boys' face, were two little frowns. cry cry

    Santa picked them up to bring them to bed,
    and kissed them each once, right on the forehead

    Santa said, "If you go, directly to sleep,
    and I don't hear a sound, not even a peep,
    i'll go to the tree to give you both an extra gift!
    So go to sleep, for that special gift!"

    As Santa left, the boys fell asleep.
    As Santa left, he did not hear a peep.
    So Santa laid down extra gifts by the tree,
    then walked away and up the chimney.

    As Santa came out and headed for his sleigh,
    xd he brought along his cookie-filled tray. xd
    ninja And when he left and got out of sight, ninja
    blaugh he yelled, "Merry Christmas to all, and all a goodnight!" blaugh