• Watching the violence, the death and the war,

    I know that some day, it'll knock at my door.

    I'll wait until it passes over. But I know that,

    it will get me so hard. The pain hurts,

    just waiting for the world to change.

    Unlike the town shrouded in darkness,

    I am surrounded in what little light.

    That's shed from my window, some what, an akward sight.

    Hoping one day, light will pass over.

    Until then, I'm waiting for the world to change.

    The misery brought upon my small city,

    it kills me to stay, it's just such a pitiful shame.

    I'm lost in the game. Stuck here,

    where it once was bright. But now, here is

    no where. What little joy is left. It all got

    lost. I'm waiting, waiting for the world to change.

    I still look out my window at night.

    I still hope that one day, I'll see the kids running around.

    I still wish that things could go back to how they were.

    I still wait for the world to change.