• I stood in the dark,
    Holding the blade to my throat.
    I was done.
    I couldn’t deal with anymore.
    I didn’t want to feel pain.
    I wanted to feel nothing.
    It would be better.
    It would be better if I was gone.
    I wouldn’t hurt anyone.
    I wouldn’t cause them pain.
    Tears began to fall as I though about them.
    As I thought about the times I had made them cry.
    The times I had made them hurt.
    I didn’t deserve it,
    I didn’t deserve to live.
    I wanted it to end,
    Needed it to.
    I brought the blade closer,
    Feeling its ice cold sting on my neck.
    In a flash they were around me.
    They stared but didn’t move .
    Didn’t speak.
    I waited,
    Waited for someone to tell me to stop.
    For someone to say they would miss me.
    No one did.
    They just stood.
    Waited for me to do it.
    Waited for the sharp blade to pierce my skin.
    I wished someone would say no,
    Tell me not to do it.
    But I knew they wouldn’t.
    I called out “will anyone stop me?”
    There was no answer.
    I called out louder “will anyone stop me?”
    There was no answer.
    Crying I screamed “will anyone stop me?”
    There was no answer.
    There was no noise .
    Except the slash of the blade,
    The dripping of blood,
    And the falling of a corpse.