• The moon like a clear blue sky is always waiting
    My feelings hide beneath the clouds
    They never surface till a full moon is glowing

    On occasion they rise, sporadically
    Unable to control the torment of emotions
    I push on slowly

    The rush of tears that come with the first summer rain
    Confused, unsure what to feel
    First, foremost, that follows you is pain

    Pining for what could've been but will never be
    Priorites we share differ
    As hard as I try you never see,
    All the things you did to me

    I could cry my eyes out- or to sleep
    It never mattered, less than five feet away you were
    Heartbroken, alone I sat meekly as a sheep

    You claimed your cares were me,
    Yet you still ignored my pleas
    Free as a bird I shall be, free

    Leave me be, let me wallow in my misery
    For I leave unattended, unscorned since you
    Now I fly- for I no longer hold a heavy heart
    I fly