• Clouds Over Emerald Waters
    At ocean's dawn,
    The water is steep.
    I stand by the bay,
    The cold trickles at my feet.
    The sun just arose,
    Sky still pale.
    It still shines upon the grassy cliffs,
    Limp and frail.
    The precious ocean,
    Reflects the sun's vicious rays.
    It sparkles like emeralds,
    What a beautiful day.
    Closer and closer it creeps,
    The cool water that runs beneath me.
    The wispy wind blows,
    As the palm trees sway calmly.
    Ah, The ocean!
    Where the fish swim under,
    And the seagulls fly free.
    I reach out to feel it,
    Yet it escapes my grasp.
    Slipping away into a downfall,
    It has yet absorbed the sun's light.
    The ocean, It positively glitters!
    The clouds over emerald waters.