• Give me a break, I don't need no excuse,
    Your way outta line, I won't always be your noose.
    You treat me like no part of me matters,
    And I'm tired of it, your only making things shatter.

    Treat me how you wanna be treated,
    Fear me cause all I am is beaten.
    ******** you and all your stupid mistakes,
    Is this a nightmare? Man I hope that I wake.

    What are you doing with that? Don't come near me!!!!
    Your only hurting me with that s**t, Can't you see?
    ******** this man, I've given up,
    And ******** uyou to for being so tough.

    I wrote you a poem to tell you that I'm sorry,
    Pushing feelings of hate, just to get you to love me.
    And I know your small mind can't comprehend this,
    But, you can't break my heart no more cause my love defends it.