• Walking through the haze,
    life starts to dissapear,
    as the line between worlds blurs,

    The fire of the soul never dimming,
    as we trudge through this maze,
    recording the path instead of blazing it,

    Reflections behind eyes never escape,
    we see them even in our darkest dreams,
    listening to the voices to save myself,

    As stages pass and i become free,
    into the realm of the mind,
    waiting waiting for the fear,

    A ray of light opens in the dark,
    it engulfs us all as the world turns,
    and passes onto a new soul,

    Our love is what sustaines us,
    yet we lose it to an iron grip,
    as a butterfly flys above,

    Wondering around always wondering,
    candels loseing wax as the flame burns,
    never forgeting what was and what is,

    Morphine drips as wounds heal,
    as i fall back through the pool of love,
    and find my way to you.