• heart

    jumping over hearts;
    never thought i would fall in :
    on the moon i skip
    goddess of Eden.
    in my wound you swim/
    its yours, the one i adore
    struck sweet, how i envy
    your love p***k like a thorn
    sin to the clouds
    for i felt what i believed i cold not
    the spot, how much must you take?
    from me:
    that is, if it is not fake
    challenge i must
    for myself i do not feel
    using you? not i feel remorse
    hatred mated with confusion
    a Sunday gashed with l:
    however, it was all play
    i could not let you feel sin
    so i take the pain
    am i wrong, i care- I Do!
    the scarlet letter that burns
    done wrong? or is this true?
    i expected different, this is what i find
    leave the treasures, i will not be selfish
    but allow the Earth justice
    how i would
    finish my issue
    ultimately giving my all
    collect my taxes
    kill the excess
    it would all be worth
    to release and be gratified
    i question, with no sight for answer.
    love do me justice.