• if i had you pointing the gun to my head
    would you pull the triger
    would you kill me then and there
    or would you empty the clip
    to make sure i didnt shote myself later
    does it even mater
    if i live or die
    what the point
    why fight to live
    when theres no reason too
    its not worth the fighting
    hurting other people to live
    whats the point
    is there no peace
    weres the love
    all people do is fight and kill
    its crazy why should we fight
    we have no right
    to kill to live
    there life has just as much meaning as ours
    they have the same amount if not more right to live
    killing just makes us monsters
    soon we will not reconize ourselves in the mirror
    well become what we hate most
    well be no beter than the devil himself
    its time for change
    the world can be beter than this
    we just have to try to make it beter
    so start trying
    change is good
    thats what the world needs the most
    even the smallest amount could save someone
    so go out and change and people will fallow