• Sitting there ever so silently,
    She waits for him eagerly, patiently,
    But will he arrive?

    What keeps him from knowing how she feels?
    Will she be able to echo the truth into his soul?

    Standing by the rain streaked window,
    Through all the noise of silence ringing,
    Wandering if he is alright,
    She dreams of his voice,
    Where are you?
    My heart is waiting,
    My heart keeps searching,
    Will you fill it's place?

    Suddenly, so quickly,
    He arrives without a word,
    Smiling with open arms by the door,
    Running to hold him once more,
    She lets out the secrets of her heart,
    "I love you..."

    Seconds later, she hits the floor,
    She passed right through him,
    Did he vanish?

    She looks up to the wall before her,
    His picture hanging beside several others,
    Words echoed through her mind,
    "Rest in peace my dear."