• Baby, I will wait for you
    Whether the sun shine,
    Or the clouds blue.
    Farther east you are from me
    Sipping a warm cup of tea.
    Sheaves of snow blanket the land,
    Like a shadow of despair,
    With an ice-cold hand.

    Here I wait in the Christmas season,
    People jolly with no reason.
    You sit and wait for your turn,
    As I sit and ponder your return.

    To see you on this Christmas night,
    Would be a blessing, an angel’s flight.
    So I wait for a miracle,
    As the children run around so cheerful.

    Whether or not you do come back,
    This holiday will have no act.
    This holiday will have no stage,
    This holiday remains a page
    Empty from the lack of script
    As the quill sits silent
    In the ink.