• The ever-phasing globe in the night sky
    Began to weep its blessings on the lake below.
    From the beam surfacing the nymph began to fly,
    Gliding about to join the nighttime show.

    About and around she flew to the ground,
    And upon the sleeping flower she stopped to rest.
    She saw a light and feared to be found,
    But silly was she, a reflection of water was her test.

    The flower she left proceeded to bloom,
    Higher and higher she flew,
    Excited and content with her new pollen plume.
    Across the the night curtain she traveled to a Yew.

    Waning flowers upon that tree she did see.
    Sorrow engulfed nature's umbrella as did pain,
    The nymph took it upon herself to bring it glee;
    She cried and cried which called forth the rain.

    Water's healing properties breathed the tree life,
    Each flower stood up one by one.
    They were no longer burdened by strife,
    So their transformation into berries had begun.

    And so the morning dew did arrive,
    The nymphs gifts had awoken the world.
    The flora was now completely alive,
    No longer wishing to be furled and curled.

    Across the rippling lake she did skate,
    She made the best of her flight.
    To sleep and regain stamina was her fate,
    Until nature needed her the next night.