• love is a glass, translucent, shattered, and cold,..

    life is high tide, its good for the ride, but smashes you down when you least expect it,..

    memories are the sky, so close to reaching, but yet so far away, and cold, so bitterly cold,..

    life is an eclipse, dark, wistful, and sad

    love is a black hole, it sucks you in just to destroy you,..

    life is a prison, causing such strife, pain, and agony,..

    memories are a lock, someone knows the combination, but it can get easily lost,..

    life is the moon, so far off, mercuric, and yet so close,..

    love is a guillotine, where as i don't really even need to explain why so...

    i find most of the poems i seem to be writing in real life, more and more depressing, but where as i could just be in a good mood when i write them...but you know,