• SHE and her poison...

    SHE poisoned my father, SHE poisoned my mother, SHE poisoned them with Her lies.
    I want to tell them how I feel, they wouldn't understand, they don't know What she hides.
    SHE had to take me and my sister, SHE couldn't have her own?
    Why must SHE interfere? Why can't SHE leave me alone?
    SHE who is my stepmother, succedaneum mother, other mother.
    No, not even 'other mother'; for SHE is unlike any other. Unlike every other.
    No matter. Four years and it's over. I'm gone. But sister will stay.
    So what? I don't care! Sister is just like her anyway. In every way.
    SHE poisoned them, turned them all against me! SHE will not poison me! SHE will fail!
    I have a goal I postulate to reach. SHE will not get in my way. I will prevail!
    Four years. Just four years left. Four years, and yet still more?
    I know to get get where I must be, to get her right where I want her to be, college is my open door.
    I will become a forensic anthropoligist. Will SHE stop me? No, SHE will be unable.
    SHE who is the first to shatter my heart and mind, the first to crush my soul!And the first to leave a sanguineous stain on my work table.