• A Road South of Reality

    Glory in the dying breaths
    Humanity is now laid to rest
    Billboards soaked in tainted blood
    So public sees the rising flood
    A canvas of a mammal’s flesh
    The cunning picture now refreshed
    Above the vibrant sign says “death”

    …So we sit upon the bleachers base
    And watch these pawns take hold this mace
    Painting walls of endless gore
    The landscape is the earthly floor
    But soil bathes in the ending lives
    And breeds this creature from their cries
    As it chews upon worlds demise

    Walking through this endless street
    These faceless manikins step in fleet
    With plastic bodies they invade
    The world that men of flesh had made
    And watched the world fall into shade

    The art of death is our game to play
    But still we laugh off with the day