• slowly growing, holding fast
    rise above the emerald grass
    blooming bright for all to see
    attracts flying friends, quick and free
    some time later, swollen with life
    drop small kernels, shelled delights
    tiny children, sleeping sound
    drop to the soft cradling ground
    sinking in and slumbering softly
    on the surface winds gently wafting
    but then drops of lifes sweet nectar
    shower down in a glorious rain
    and in the the ground the child stirs
    growing and moving devoid of pain
    in the heavens the storm finally breaks
    and the sun shines down in glorious rays
    the child stirs but cannot move
    freedom a reward its efforts could not prove
    its shell now a prison, hard and tight
    it must break free, escape or die
    it begins to struggle, begins to fight
    to find the rain to find the light
    escape, fight or die
    its struggles finally bear fruit
    cracks appear in its prison walls
    through which its essence moves
    tendrils grown down, taking fast root
    the rest grows up in a green leafy shoot
    in the world above the soil
    the child feels the wind whip and roil
    in the world above the soft loam
    where moving things fly and roam
    the child stretches toward the sun
    slowly growing, holding fast
    rising above the emerald grass